Monday, 1 June 2015

My Life Book so far!

I have joined some friends on a Life Book journey this year with Tamara is a talented artist who guides us each month with a tutorial. She has many guest artists and I look forward to seeing what new project is available each Monday. It is a great online course. I have not yet completed all the projects to date but have some of pieces so far to share with you.
This was my first one of Tamara's classes 'Beacon of Light' . I am having fun layering paint, stamps and papers. Can't believe I actually drew her face. Super teacher!

I have long admired the journaling style in many people's pieces of art. I have a way to go to finding my own arty style for this.

The dreamcatcher was fun to make. Lots of collage and painting. I think I will revisit this piece at a later date to get a bit more depth.

This was the hardest class...following a very quick time sped tutorial and then making a similar picture. The collage was fun but the painting a challenge. Enjoying playing with whimsical images.

The field study was fun and one day when I have more time I would love to have a book solely for exploring this more. Gumleaves and Gumnuts took over from feathers and shells.

This painting was made up of layers and layers of paint. I like this one...perhaps because I love owls so much. It was nice to use some different colours.
Lifebook is more than creating is about having the confidence to express your thoughts and ideas. I am finding it a wonderful experience. Check it out and maybe have a go yourself at one of Tamara's workshops if you feel you are not ready for a whole year.
Happy making, Jackie x

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  1. J and I were planning on trying one of her sample classes this school holidays, but so far nothing is going to plan!